Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our first visit to a science station whose name i've forgotton, and a bay that is nicknamed Kodak harbour....

icebergs on a still day

the side of our ship from one of the zodiacs

things are pretty cold now

people map the route everyday. lots of budding geographers

meanwhile Tash and I prefer to look out the window.

First view of the science station

First a zodiac cruise.

for every iceberg, there is a 40-photo-long obsession

lots of rocky outcrops

Finally you get to visit one of the little rocky islands and soak it in for an hour or so

exhibitionist seal

beautiful geology

history lesson on arrival, of course.

Ah.... just realised the name (ahem. its in about 10 of my photos) .... Palmer Station

this is the sort of place that is my photo mecca... not an ice paradise and wondrous nature.... but wondrously aesthetic industrial science objects that i don't understand.

The station faces a shelf of quiet ice, which many of us sat watching for minutes at a time in silence....experiencing the sound (and glimpse) of chunks of soft white calving off when you listen carefully.

our demonstrative, boisterous guide

reflection in a building window with all sorts of hidden scientific contraptions inside

can't really remember whether we were listening intently or just cold at this point

amongst it all there are of course the loved ones:

Doug, looking very documentarist.

penguins seem to spend a lot of time with their nose in their armpits or their hip feathers....

more beautiful rocks

back at sea, for another few days....headed for Pleneau Bay (kodak land)


dark days give a really sober, violet light to everything

our arrival at the bay


our ship stands out just  alittle bit.

more to come, when i remember to procrastinate again....